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Industrial dust and flue gas treatment equipment; including dust removal, desulfurization, denitration, ultra-low emissions, and organic waste gas treatment equipment


As a development vision, the "benchmark enterprise in the flue gas treatment industry" adheres to the concept of "scientific and technological innovation and intelligent creation of the future" and continuously pursues technological progress.

Established in 2010, Foshan Yiqing Environmental Protection is a comprehensive large-scale environmental protection engineering company mainly engaged in industrial dust, comprehensive control of industrial flue gas, technical research, industrial development and engineering contracting, and production and sales of environmental protection equipment. It is a second-tier enterprise specializing in environmental protection. Yiqing Environmental Protection's product quality management system has obtained ISO9000 certification.

Yiqing Environmental Protection's main products include various types of industrial dust treatment equipment, industrial flue gas desulfurization, denitration, VOCs treatment equipment, and integrated ultra-low emission equipment for flue gas desulfurization, dust removal, and denitration.Since its establishment, Yiqing Environmental Protection has been based on industry and social development Demand, dedicated to the research in the technical fields of flue gas, dust comprehensive treatment and flue gas energy saving. The technology is constantly innovating and upgrading to achieve new breakthroughs.

  • 2010years

    Founded in 2010

  • 10years

    10 years of good governance

  • 10

    More than 10 national patents

  • 300

    operating performance items



  • Vision: Take the path of industrialization development, set industry benchmarks, and become a global outstanding comprehensive service provider of environmental issues.

  • Values: customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, shareholders and partners satisfaction, social satisfaction, people-oriented, the pursuit of excellence.

  • Core spirit: Starfire can be Ebara!

  • Business philosophy: up to standard emissions, stable operation, moderate investment and low operation.

  • Talent Concept: Loyal, Attentive, Intimate, and More Talented!


Customer satisfaction

With expert-level services, tailor-made comprehensive environmental problem solutions for customers.


Shareholders and partners are satisfied

Create maximum value for shareholders and strategic partners, achieve a win-win situation and harmonious development.


Employee satisfaction

Benefit, stage and future for employees who contribute to the business.


Social satisfaction

Provide serious and responsible environmental governance services to the society, operate with integrity, and solve problems for the government.

Foshan yiqing environmental protection engineering technology co. LTD

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Secondary qualification
Safe Construction Permit
ISO9000 certification 1
ISO9000 certification
2016 Excellent Building Ceramic Environmental Protection Equipment
Patent 8
Patent 7
Patent 6
Patent 5
Patent 4
Patent 3
Patent 2
Patent 1
China's top ten brands of environmental protection equipment for the building materials industry
Quality-Service-Integrity AAA Enterprise
business license
Technical certificate (new kiln flue gas purification system) 2016
Technical certificate (environmental protection and safety flue gas denitration system) 2017
Technical certificate (multifunctional and efficient dust removal equipment) 2017
Research projects of frontier and key technology in Guangdong province in 2015
2014 Innovation Fund Scientific Research Project

2010 Years

Registered in 2010

2011 Years

Our new integrated technology of desulfurization and dust removal was put into use in the kiln flue gas treatment project of Xinyi Ceramics (Penglai) Co., Ltd., and each emission value was below 50% of the national emission standard and passed the environmental protection acceptance.

2013 Years

Our new kiln flue gas treatment system was approved by the Innovation Fund of the Science and Technology Department of Foshan.

2015 Years

Our new kiln flue gas treatment system has been awarded the Guangdong Provincial Frontier and Key Technology Innovation Project.

2016 Years

New kiln flue gas purification system products were identified as high-tech products in Guangdong Province

2017 Years

Flue gas denitration system products were identified as high-tech products in Guangdong Province

Multifunctional and efficient dust removal equipment is identified as high-tech products in Guangdong Province

2018 Years

Obtained ISO9000 quality system management certification

Obtained the title of high-tech enterprise

2019 Years

Acquired IP Management System Certification

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