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Established in 2010, Yiqing Environmental Protection CO.,Ltd. in Foshan City is a comprehensive large-scale environmental protection engineering company,mainly engaged in industrial dust, comprehensive control of industrial flue gas, technical research, industrial development and engineering contracting, and production and sales of environmental protection equipment. It is a national high-tech enterprise. It is a second-tier enterprise specializing in environmental protection. Yiqing Environmental Protection CO.,Ltd.'s product quality management system has obtained ISO9000 certification.

Yiqing Environmental Protection CO.,Ltd.'s main products include various types of industrial dust treatment equipment, industrial flue gas desulfurization, denitration, VOCs treatment equipment, and integrated ultra-low emission equipment for flue gas desulfurization, dust removal, and denitration. Since its establishment, based on industry and social development demand, Yiqing Environmental Protection CO.,Ltd. has dedicated to the research in the technical fields of flue gas, dust comprehensive treatment and flue gas energy saving. The technology is constantly innovating and upgrading to achieve new breakthroughs. The company has the most advanced integrated solution to smoke gas comprehensive management , with strong capabilities of innovation, development, and manufacture of products in the cutting-edge field of environmental protection equipment. It has multiple patents for comprehensive smoke gas management systems, and has built a leading system of smoke simulation generation and treatment , purchasing domestic advanced monitoring equipment. Through accurate generation and monitoring, the company precisely obtained the working conditions parameters of key nodes and links of the flue gas management system, grasped the cause and effect and gained some unique experience. The scientific and technological innovation research project“New Kiln Flue Gas Purification System“ undertaken by Yiqing Environmental Protection CO.,Ltd. has won scientific and technological projects from Guangdong Province and Foshan Municipal Government.

Yiqing Environmental Protection CO.,Ltd. takes the path of“industrial development, setting the benchmark for the industry, and becoming a global outstanding comprehensive service provider for environmental problems”as its development vision, insisting on the concept that“customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, shareholder and partner satisfaction, social satisfaction, people-oriented, and pursuit of excellence.”With the goal of " technological innovation, intelligent creation of the future, emission on standard, stable operation, moderate investment, low cost”, the company is in constant pursuit of technological progress. Since its establishment 10 years ago, the company have achieved fruitful results in many research and development projects, which a number of well-known companies (Champion Ceramics, Broad Precision, Sanan Iron & Steel, etc.) have established long-term cooperative relationships, so as to gain an in-depth understanding of user behavior and change with the trend.

Yiqing Environmental Protection CO.,Ltd. always attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, with the development direction of "investment and output in environmental protection". In recent years, the investment in research and development has increased significantly year by year, providing a strong guarantee for the company's research and development innovation and product advancement. The company is based on high and new technology, with the spirit of "a single spark can start a prairie fire!" Yiqing company continues to forge ahead in the environmental protection industry. Yiqing people are in line with the principle that social benefits are as important as economic benefits, striving forward on the road of improving human living environment !

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